Secure Document Destruction

Document Destruction Compliance is not only a responsibility, but in some industries it's also a mandatory requirement.

Valley Shredding offers the highest level of document destruction available in the industry. Utilizing a Hammer Mill style of shredder, the end result cannot be reassembled by hand or sophisticated computer programs.

A Hammer Mill shredding unit consists of a cylindrical shaft with multiple hammer heads attached. As the cylinder turns the heads pulverize the paper into smaller and smaller pieces. The shredding assembly contains a screen that the paper must pass through before leaving the hammer chamber. This screen requires paper pieces to remain in the hammer chamber until they are of a small enough size to be considered properly destroyed. The screens can be interchangeable should your specific circumstance require a smaller end product, however already using one of the smallest screens available, Valley Shredding meets all current industry standards. Contact us today with your specific business needs, and allow us to help you towards full compliance